The Jovial Beggars were an English country dance display team. The team practiced in Harlow, Essex and were formed and led by Walt Tingle in 1977. I danced with the Jovial Beggars from the teams formation in 1977 to 1984. The team danced at many events both in England and abroad including:

  • The Laycock and Chippenham Folk Festival, now known as the Chippenham Folk Festival
  • The Felixstowe Folk Festival
  • The Broadstairs Folk Festival
  • Stourhead Gardens
  • London - Trafalgar Square and Westminster Cathedral
  • Sweden
  • Belgium
  • Laycock Abbey
  • Bath Pump Rooms
  • Sidmouth Folk Festival
  • Whitby Folk Festival


The team had several costumes used for different styles of dancing:

  • Rustic Costume for traditional English country dances
  • Playford for Playford dances
  • American

Various members of the team also displayed Morris Dancing (Myself, Tony Grey, Walt Tingle, Mark Tingle, Les Barclay, Alan Chetwood) and English Clog dancing (Ann Coles, Melloney Mears, Doreen Mears, Justine Badrick, Jackie Marshall) and Appalachian Clog Dancing (Justine Badrick). Apologies if Ive missed anyone.